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Best Practices To Update Your EdTech On A Tight Budget

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Evaluate Current Technologies

Before deciding on new technologies, audit the equipment currently in the classrooms. Make a note of which disparate and siloed solutions are in use. Though your budget may not allow for a complete overhaul, you can make choices about new investments based on what will best integrate with your current solutions.

The vendors you used for previous classroom and collaboration technology purchases can direct you to compatible addition and upgrades, or an independent technology integrator can present you with options based on your overall technology plan.

Explore New Solutions

Even if you have recently modernized your classrooms, there will always be new and emerging technologies to consider each year. The best way to address the complexities of technology in education is to implement a long-term upgrade plan. Set standardization goals and decide which classrooms you can update and when. Review product lifecycles and consider changing out components to gain newer functionalities and features.

Standardizing across similar kinds of ecosystems - meeting spaces, classrooms, and labs - will reduce the time you spend helping or training users. It will also ensure that technologies integrate into the same kinds of spaces, and it can cut costs when purchasing the same solution for many classrooms. 

When using old and new technologies together, it's best to work with an experienced integrator who knows how to integrate a variety of technologies across multiple spaces. This can also help you leverage current technologies across various ecosystems. 

Nurture Your IT Teams

Find ways to add to your IT team's skillset, either by training current members or by bringing in those with new skills. An extensive knowledge pool will be critical to your institutions' success with new and advancing technologies.

Ultimately, the best way to upgrade classroom tech is by actively collaborating with the users - students, professors, etc. If you also consult with experienced technology partners - including vendors, manufacturers, and experienced integrators, they can offer ways to future-proof your investments and get the most for your money. Updating classroom technologies doesn't have to be a headache if you develop a strategy and get expert advice at the onset of your Edtech project.

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