Telemedicine Is Key To Big Savings In Healthcare

money and stethascopeOne of the truly great things about technology investments are that they are rarely purchased purely for technology, but rather as a means to running healthier, stronger and more profitable organizations.

So while the initial investment may cause organizations to take pause, often times the ability for the technology to drive greater profits through enhanced revenues or cost reductions makes the investment more than worthwhile.

In the healthcare industry, it turns out that this is the case; especially when it comes to Telemedicine.

As we all know, the delivery of healthcare is expensive. This cost puts pressure on insurers, healthcare organizations and perhaps more than any other, on the consumer.  Just about anytime we have to go visit the doctor we have to think long and hard about what it might cost us. But isn’t this something that technology can help?

In a recent article on “Health and Data Management” there is an exploration into how much out of pocket cost could be saved for consumers through the use of Telemedicine. As it turns out, the numbers are large; in fact 6 billion large according to global professional services company Towers Watson.

This statistic alone is encouraging, however the biggest hurdle noted in the article is challenges for healthcare organizations to get reimbursed, which is currently seeing improvement after AMA sent guidance on how reimbursement should be handled.

At Avidex AV we work closely with our healthcare partners to implement the technology that helps drive more productive organizations. Let’s connect to find out how we can help your organization advance into the future.

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