Why Technical Expertise Matters

For the majority of applications audiovisual system design and integration is fairly similar across the different vertical markets. It does not take a high degree of specialty in any one vertical market, for instance, to design a conference room presentation system. Regardless of whether this conference room is located in a house of worship; inside a corporation’s headquarters; at a government facility or on the campus of a university, the solution will likely be similar. Though the configuration and user experience might change slightly, for the most part, these vertical markets are quite similar.

surgery simulation room finalHowever, with the healthcare industry, this is not the case. For the medical and healthcare vertical market planning, system design, integration and managed support can be quite different than it is in education, government, corporate or house of worship markets. Although each vertical market has idiosyncrasies, slightly altering the design of systems, there are substantial factors that are unique to the healthcare market, creating areas of expertise for healthcare-centric integration firms. These firms have a deeper understanding of important healthcare and medical considerations, such as patient privacy and treatment center construction best practices. This familiarity allows certain integrators to distinguish themselves as premier healthcare facility solutions providers, for both large and small audiovisual systems.

When looking to integrate audiovisual systems, whether presentation, digital signage, patient-room display, videoconferencing or collaboration it is best to partner with a solutions provider with an impressive portfolio in the healthcare sector. Avidex has been a premier partner for doctors’ offices, healthcare facilities, hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies and universities in providing comprehensive audiovisual solutions tailored to healthcare applications. Solutions ranging from executive board rooms to state-of-the-art nursing laboratories, simulation facilities and seminar rooms in universities, hospitals and patient care facilities these specialized applications require tailored integrated solutions designed to train, develop and assist healthcare providers and educators. These integrated solutions encompass a broad range of audiovisual technologies that empower healthcare professionals to effectively communicate their message internally and externally as well as collaborate with colleagues around the world.

In order to best plan, design, integrate and support audiovisual solutions for medical facilities, doctors’ offices and patient care centers, a high degree of specialization in the market and familiarity with technology that is manufactured and used for healthcare AV is required. Avidex has formed strategic partnerships with premier healthcare-specific technology manufacturers, allowing designers and engineers to have access to the latest, cutting-edge, products available to the market. Our engineers examine these products and then our designers incorporate them into systems intended to give healthcare professionals unparalleled quality in their presentation, training and collaboration solutions.

Partnering with Avidex provides matchless experience in the healthcare sector. Regardless of the intended application, Avidex can plan, design, integrate and support systems capable of connecting people and ideas globally within the healthcare market. Presentation, training, remote patient interaction, streaming video and videoconferencing systems are highly utilized by healthcare facilities and require a deeper degree of involvement in patient care facilities than in other markets. Avidex leverages their partnerships with top-tier audiovisual and medical technology manufacturers to integrate systems that maximize functionality and offer a premium return on investment.

Shedan Maghzi

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Shedan Maghzi - Avidex President has been directly involved in the AV industry for over 25 years. Maghzi joined Avidex in February of 2004 as General Manager of Northern California. He later advanced into the position of Vice President of Avidex’s Fremont, CA office, one of the nation’s most successful audiovisual groups providing design, systems integration and support services. Maghzi has held a wide range of leadership positions in the AV industry including Project Manager, AV Consultant, Director of Technical Services and General Manager with leading San Francisco Bay Area audiovisual firms. Shedan can be reach at smaghzi@avidexav.com

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