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Mayo Clinic Testing Out Telemedicine In The Workplace

In a recent article on Pulse, we discussed the rapid growth of telemedicine as an offering in the workplace. The main idea behind it is to provide simple access for employees to connect with medical professionals without having to leave the office. While this new arrangement may not be a favorite among employees trying to catch a ball game under the onus of the flu, it is a great way to keep employees productive while allowing them to get care in the event that they don’t feel well.

Sometimes, the best evidence that a trend is really taking off is by watching if leaders are hopping on board. In the world of healthcare, there are few names more prestigious than the Mayo Clinic. This past week, they announced in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal that they are now testing the use of telemedicine-based kiosks that will be installed within their facilities in Minnesota. The idea is to test the technology in their locations and then once deemed a success, to offer them to outside employers interested in the service.

Mayo is showing their belief in the evolution of telemedicine here by not only utilizing it for outside organizations, but making it part of their internal business practices.

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Bob Higginbotham

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