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Experts Weigh In On How Technology and Telemedicine Can Help Older People

The population is aging, and as obvious as that may seem, a large part of the boomer population is quickly nearing retirement. With this change of lifestyle, it is important that this large demographic stays physically and mentally active and connected by technology.

Wait, did we say connected by technology?

While activity is obvious and has long been linked to longer lives, the technology part seems to have been slipped in there carefully as if not to be noticed. For a long time the perception has been that the aging population strays from new technology because it is uncomfortable for them as they’re used to things a certain way and have hit an age where change isn’t of interest.

But what if technology could make things better, easier or could even help retirees live longer more meaningful lives?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article – What Technology Product Would Be the Biggest Help to Older People? – several experts and former executives weigh in on how technology could best serve the aging population. Discussions involved topics like improving healthcare, use of robots and productivity tools that could make the biggest impact for this group.

Of the 4 experts that weighed in 2 specifically chose to speak on the topic of Telehealth, Telemedicine and remote patient care. For the aging population they felt it was particularly important to leverage technology to get retirees the care they need without asking as much of them physically.

This trend just further reiterates how important telemedicine is going to be in the future, as more people need more immediate care.

What about you, what do you think the most important technology for retirees is going to be?

At Avidex we work with healthcare organizations to provide technology that enhances the lives of those that they serve. From telehealth to audio and video solutions, we work side by side to deliver the results our clients need. Can we help you? Let’s connect and find out!

Bob Higginbotham

About Bob Higginbotham

Bob Higginbotham, CTS-I, CTS-D, is the Avidex National Manager of Healthcare AV. Bob has spent his 30 year career in leadership positions in the AV industry including extensive design and build work in healthcare facilities. He owned and operated a successful AV business in Texas with multiple offices in several cities where he managed a staff of over 100 employees. Bob has served as a technical consultant for a major AV manufacturer, led the technical sales team for a national video conferencing provider and provided technology auditing services for several private education facilities. He has a unique working knowledge of audiovisual technology as well as multiple certifications in audio engineering, acoustics, AV design, CQT system commissioning and video transmission systems. Bob holds a BA in communications and has recently served as board chair for a large private school. He brings his years of technical knowledge and leadership experience to Avidex where he leads the national healthcare AV team. Contact Bob at bobh@avidexav.com

The Rapid Growth In Virtual Doctor Visits

ipad with xraysWith a rapidly growing boomer population and an almost entirely overhauled healthcare system, the way healthcare is going to be delivered in the coming years is bound to change. It has to.

The new system is putting pressure on the system to find ways to cut costs while making care more accessible to the masses. This type of strain makes it very difficult for the healthcare system to do more, especially when in many cases, they are being asked to accomplish it with less.

What this means is that healthcare systems are going to have to turn their attention to cost control and improved services and once again what will come to the rescue? Technology!

According to a recent article in CIO – “Almost One in Six Doctor Visits Will be Virtual This Year “- it was determined that 1 in 6 doctors visits in 2014 will be done virtually. Doing so will save an estimated 5 billion dollars versus the cost of traditional in office patient visits.

eVisits can provide a range of services from capturing patient information to direct interaction via video conferencing including use of mobile devices like iPads and tablets. And according to Deloitte if eVisits could address even 30-40% of the market it could equate to 50-60 billion dollars in cost savings or containment.

This perfect storm of technology and cost savings are perhaps best said, just what the doctor ordered!

At Avidex we work to create solutions that take into considerations the most pressing needs of our healthcare clients. From telemedicine to training spaces, we apply the best of audio, video, and collaboration technologies that meet your most pressing business needs. Let’s connect to see how we can help your organization maximize its technology.

Joel Harris

About Joel Harris

Joel Harris brings invaluable insight to the Avidex team in his role as CEO, with years of experience leading national technology, healthcare and business organizations. You can reach Joel at jharris@avidexav.com