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Why Neurology Is A Great Fit For Telemedicine

With explosive growth around the world the adoption of Telemedicine is showing no signs of slowing down. However, for most people thinking of Telemedicine they are thinking about remote healthcare and simple medical consultations. But is that the extent of what is possible?

In short, the answer is no, with Telemedicine there is so much more possible then just the well known popular applications. In fact, a recent article from Healthcare Informatics  digs into this very topic as they explore how “TeleNeurology” may be a great application for telemedicine.

In this article the author Miles Drake, an MD and neurology professor at The Ohio State University explores how neurology patients could benefit form the utilization of telemedicine.  One great example that Dr. Drake mentioned was the ability to make meaningful assessments of patients through simple verbal and physical interaction that can be made more than easily over video.

He goes on to discuss that there are certain limitations for a Neurologist as parts of a diagnosis are made based on touch and feel, however he clearly indicates that the majority of a diagnosis can be made in other ways, which is precisely why the adoption of telemedicine can help more patients receive care faster and less expensively.

In the future Dr. Drake believes specialty medicine via Telehealth will see strong growth and adoption.  We feel similar as we continue to work with organizations to expand their telemedicine offering.

At Avidex AV we work closely with our healthcare partners to deliver the best current and emerging technology to help providers connect more closely with their patients. Connect with us to see how Avidex can help your organization.


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