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Medicine Going Mobile: Two Telemedicine Trends Driving Advances in Healthcare

Medicine is increasingly going mobile.  Video conferencing, satellite communications, Wi-Fi and other communications technologies are transforming the field of medicine by allowing healthcare providers to treat patients at a distance.  Mobile medical vans and telemedicine carts are two trends that are revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare.

Mobile Units:  Today, state-of-the-art medical resources can travel to you.  A typical mobile telemedicine unit is a virtual hospital on wheels.  Equipment on board these mobile clinics include: cardiac facilities, x-ray machines, ultrasound devices, pathology labs, and satellite dishes linking the mobile units to more advanced health centers.  Thanks to mobile medicine:

  • Rural residents can utilize video conferencing equipment to consult with remotely located primary physicians and specialists.
  • Diagnostic equipment can monitor and transmit a patient’s vital data — blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, etc. – to the consulting physician instantaneously.

As a result, a virtual consultation can be every bit as good as a real-life visit to the doctor.

Mobile units have a dual benefit:  they improve patient access to primary and specialist care while saving patients both time and travel expenses.

Telemedicine Carts:  Hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities are increasingly using telemedicine carts.  Telemedicine carts are portable medical stations, which can be wheeled from room to room.  Medical facilities are using telemedicine carts to:

  • Connect patients with remotely-located physicians or specialists on an as-needed basis. This helps hospitals avoid the expense of having specialists on staff around the clock.
  • Monitor patients remotely. In many cases, nurses can make “virtual” rounds.
  • Quickly assess patients (this allows hospitals avoid medical errors or costly patient diversions).
  • Provide in-home care to patients. Studies show that proper in-home care reduces patient readmission rates.
  • Unify communications and data sharing. Most telemedicine carts can connect easily to an institution’s network via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. As a result, patient data can easily be shared with all members of the healthcare team.
  • Maximize flexibility. Telemedicine carts are scalable and diagnostic peripherals can be added as needed. The plug-n-play capability means carts are easily tailored to a specific institution’s or patient’s needs.
  • Allocate resources wisely. Telemedicine carts are portable, which allows hospitals to utilize the same resources to serve multiple patients.

Portability, intuitive one-touch screens, HD video conferencing, content sharing applications and secure data storage are just a few of the features found in today’s telemedicine carts.   The carts can be used wherever primary care is delivered: in hospitals, clinics, assisted-living facilities, but also in homes, schools, jails, disaster zones, off-shore facilities and even in paramedic situations.

Telemedicine is taking healthcare to a whole new level.  Mobile units and carts allow patients to consult with physicians and specialists regardless of geography.  Telemedicine technology allows remotely located primary physicians and specialists to collaborate with their peers regarding patient care.  Telemedicine devices help connect emergency service providers in the field to hospital resources.  Quicker assessment, faster care and better communication are just a few of the features telemedicine helps deliver. Simply put, going mobile means better medicine.


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