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How To Share Documents Wirelessly To Your Presentation

easy buttonCommunication without Boundaries is the ultimate achievement for any group trying to make the experience of meetings seamless, wireless, unobtrusive and simple.  Unlike the commercials on television, the big “EASY” button rarely exists in conference rooms and meeting spaces. However, some companies have tried relentlessly to make that easy button appear with the help of wireless connectivity for document sharing and collaboration in meeting spaces.

Products like Christie’s Brio, Barco’s Click-To-Share, Crestron’s AM-100 and others have made the art of information sharing as easy as plug, click and share.

Hospitals are inundated with meetings from outside visitors and inside users trying to pass information to other meeting participants. By allowing these simple document sharing devices to be used in meeting rooms, less involvement from over-worked, understaffed departments like IT or AV allow for cost savings and reduced time wasting. Meetings can start without the use of cables, turning on external devices and/or switching units to get a PowerPoint or document on the screen.

Document sharing is a critical element of successful collaboration, training and meetings in today’s professional world. Participants need to be able to transmit important information to each other so that they can work together on projects, just like companies need to be able to present information about their products and services to potential customers.

The Benefits Of Wireless Document Sharing

When you have the ability to send documents to presentation systems without any kind of wired connection, it opens up your presentation capabilities. Guest speakers or presenters can come in and give presentations without any kind of concern about having the right cables to link into your network. This feature is especially valuable for institutions that have multiple locations in different areas that use different kinds of technology. Many of the devices used for wireless presentations can support multiple users at once, which enhances collaborative abilities and makes presentation areas less cluttered with wires, cables and devices.

Devices That Support Wireless Document Sharing

Sharing documents wirelessly for presentation systems requires the use of a piece of hardware that integrates these devices into a local network. If you are going to be using one of these devices, it is important that you pick one that gives you the right kind of functionality and fits into your company budget. Two popular options for sharing documents wirelessly are the Christie Brio series and the Crestron AM-100.

Christie-Brio-ProductChristie Brio

The Brio comes in three models: the Enterprise, Team, and Team+. The differences between these solutions vary depending on how many users need access to the device and whether or not you want your device on your company wireless network. Only the Enterprise is able to integrate into your company network. Christie’s Brio solution offers responsive content layouts, a simple session management interface, and the ability to connect to audio systems in a meeting or conference room.

Crestron AM-100

Crestron’s AM-100 connects to your local wireless network and then supports connections from a multitude of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The AM-100 offers quad view mode, which allows four screens to be viewed at once, as well as remote viewing, which lets users view presentations in their web browsers. The AM-100 also comes with wired ports as well, which can be helpful if you run into wireless issues.

Both of these devices make an excellent solution for sharing documents wirelessly for presentation systems. To decide which interface is best for your needs, think about your budget as well as the specific requirements that you may have, which will help you make wireless document sharing easy at your office.



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