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Telemedicine Just Became Easier

Dr looking at computer with patientTelemedicine is rapidly sweeping the world of healthcare as a technique that can help different kinds of people get easier access to healthcare. For proponents of this practice, telemedicine just became easier, thanks to the integration of video conferencing and electronic medical records.

The Old Way: Separated Records And Video Conferences

Before this kind of integration, video conferences used to diagnose patients were valuable, but tough to incorporate with other healthcare records. Doctors and their staff members would have to conduct a manual write-up based on a telehealth appointment, then file that write-up into the patient’s other medical records. If things were lost in the time between the appointment and the recorded entry, there was a risk of critical medical information getting lost. Integration of video conferences and medical records has changed this technique.

The New Way: Video Files As Medical Records

More sophisticated integration between telehealth visits and medical records means telemedicine just became easier for doctors as well as patients. What specific kinds of benefits does this integration bring to the field of healthcare? There are several key advantages:

  • Doctors and nurses get to save a great deal of time because they do not have to block out some of their time to record information from their telemedicine appointment into a patient’s file. With newly integrated telemedicine platforms, doctors can simply save a video file into a patient’s records so that they are in the proper format. Most telemedicine systems take care of the formatting as well, which means healthcare providers never have to worry about incompatibility with electronic medical records. This also saves money for healthcare networks, since it means less work for employees
  • Because of this integration, patients can access video records more easily. This is important because of the frequency with which modern patients are now accessing their records online. Statistics show that in 2011, 80% of Internet users gathered health information using the Internet. Some of this information gathering includes accessing provider-created medical records using shared networks
  • Telemedicine also becomes more efficient because previous telehealth visits are recorded in a more prominent place. Now that video files can be integrated into electronic records, doctors who need to go back to past telehealth appointments can do so very easily since they can find them in patient records that they access all the time.

How To Capitalize On This Integration

While it is true that telemedicine just became easier because of the integration with electronic records, it is still critical for healthcare facilities to be able to use the right networks and systems to maximize their use of these integrated platforms. It is very important to get in touch with a capable AV integrator that can provide healthcare specialists with the tools necessary to both provide telehealth services and record their results effectively. With a proper system for telehealth and recordkeeping, healthcare providers that are sufficiently trained, and patients who understand the benefits of this integration, it will be much easier for telemedicine to have a positive impact in the healthcare field.

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Bob Higginbotham

About Bob Higginbotham

Bob Higginbotham, CTS-I, CTS-D, is the Avidex National Manager of Healthcare AV. Bob has spent his 30 year career in leadership positions in the AV industry including extensive design and build work in healthcare facilities. He owned and operated a successful AV business in Texas with multiple offices in several cities where he managed a staff of over 100 employees. Bob has served as a technical consultant for a major AV manufacturer, led the technical sales team for a national video conferencing provider and provided technology auditing services for several private education facilities. He has a unique working knowledge of audiovisual technology as well as multiple certifications in audio engineering, acoustics, AV design, CQT system commissioning and video transmission systems. Bob holds a BA in communications and has recently served as board chair for a large private school. He brings his years of technical knowledge and leadership experience to Avidex where he leads the national healthcare AV team. Contact Bob at bobh@avidexav.com