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The Portable AV Meeting Room

Hospitals everywhere continue to look for ways to maximize profits by cutting costs, increasing flexibility and enhancing their return on investment (ROI) when planning technology upgrades. Not every organization has the budget to equip each existing meeting space or training room with a fully integrated presentation and/or videoconferencing solution. A low risk/high reward move many hospitals are making is transitioning to “AV systems on wheels” or portable audio visual (AV) systems that can be used in many rooms if desired.

Portable AV systems can fulfill the need for presentation, white-boarding, annotating, videoconferencing and/or recording for most small to medium sized rooms. Power and data connections are required at each location where the system will be used, but everything else can be contained on the cart to maximize portability and efficiency in operation. Portable systems can be designed to support a variety of applications in different locations throughout a Hospital, Clinic or Medical Office Building. Whether your need is to host a training session, give a presentation, consult with clinicians at other locations, or interact with patients remotely, these mobile solutions maximize equipment utilization and positively impact the bottom line.

Historically, portable AV systems have been limited in the applications they supported. The more full featured carts were difficult to move and were obtrusive. Cart manufacturers have improved their products and are now making elegant and robust carts that are easy to operate and maneuver. Portable AV carts are now capable of supporting a wide range of products and solutions, making them a smart alternative to traditionally installed AV systems. They can be as simple as a flat panel display on a rolling stand with computer connection cords, or as complex as multiple monitor systems with fully integrated control, switching and videoconferencing.

Utilizing portable audio visual systems reduces capital investments by eliminating costly labor needed for cable pulling, conduit, floor cores, wall backing and power in the walls behind wall mounted displays. Maintenance costs are lower when compared to installed AV systems. Portability reduces the total number of systems your facility needs to purchase. Project turnaround time is usually faster with portable systems. When multiple carts are involved, an economy of scale is leveraged to further reduce costs. A standardized push button control pad is provided on each cart which provides a simple and familiar user experience, particularly for users who need to use the portable carts in various locations.

As you consider installing AV systems in your facility, consider the benefits of portable systems: reduced initial investment, flexibility and lower infrastructure and reoccurring maintenance costs when compared with permanently installed integrated AV systems.

Jeff Miller

About Jeff Miller

Jeff has been working in the professional AV integration industry for over twenty years. During that time he has served as Designer, Project Manager and/or Account Executive for hundreds of projects. As an Account Executive at Avidex, he specializes in Medical, Education, and Control Rooms. He can be reached at jmiller@avidex.com