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How Healthy is Your Technology Experience?

horse eatingA year ago, one of my two horses decided to step on my left foot. After applying 1,800 pounds of pressure on my foot, my quarter horse walked away. I was rushed to the hospital for a visit with my ER doctor. I remember them asking about my pain level when I got into the waiting room…then they administered the proper amount of pain meds to make my stay comfortable.  For the hour-and-a-half I waited to get x-rays and a walking cast fitted, my pain started to subside. I was glad I whimped out and told them a “9” because I could not have handled not getting the pain relief sooner than later. If you need some “pain relief” at your hospital, don’t wait until it hurts. Call me now and I’ll give you the right amount of pain meds to make your daily stay at the hospital much more enjoyable!

When assessing a patient complaining of pain, it is always important to qualify the level of pain the patient is feeling in order to properly prescribe the appropriate care and/or medication. Today, most doctors and facilities use a Universal Pain Assessment Tool in order to qualify each patient in a more objective way. These tools ask patients not only to rate their pain on a scale from 1-10, but also allow the doctor to ask questions about daily activities in order to compare the stated pain level with the actual effects the level of pain is having on the patient’s activities.

In the spirit of that same philosophy we’d like to ask you to assess the health of the audiovisual technology in your facility. First, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your patients’ technology experience? Is it a 10? Is it a 7? Is it a 2? It may be hard to give yourself a rating. (See how your patients feel when you ask them about their pain?)

Never fear! Just like with the pain assessment tool, we’ve included a small checklist below to help you get an idea of how healthy your experience really is. Take a minute to quickly answer the 10 questions below and find out if your technology experience throughout the patient journey is strong like an ox or flat-lining and in need of some CPR.

1) Does your lobby technology assist patients in checking in and/or navigating your facility? Y N
2) Do you use digital signage to inform patients about your facility or potential services and treatments offered? Y N
3) Do your patient rooms utilize up to date technology equivalent to what patients would have at home? i.e. HD programming, flat panels, etc. Y N
4) Do you use interactive technology to allow patients to control blinds and lighting in their rooms? Y N
5) Does your facility have an interactive patient engagement system to educate patients on things like after care and discharge instructions? Y N
6) Are you using speakers not only for messaging and background music but also for sound masking and privacy? Y N
7) Are you utilizing a patient tracking system to assist both staff and patients’ families in staying up to date on each patient’s progress? Y N
8) Do you leverage technology in the OR or a simulation lab to create opportunities for knowledge sharing and or consulting/training? Y N
9) Are you utilizing video teleconferencing, voice lift systems, and effective video to hold meetings and train remote employees or conference with other facilities? Y N
10) Do you leverage telemedicine to promote better patient outcomes, enhanced aftercare, and reduce readmissions/return visits? Y N

Now count up all of your Yes’s above, giving yourself 1 point for each one. How did your score compare to the rating you gave yourself initially? Use the scale below to get an idea of the overall health of your technology experiences. (Please click on image to enlarge.)

pain tool

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