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Forward Thinking Trends Driving Video Content Management In Healthcare

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This past week the American Telemedicine Association had their annual meeting and convention in Baltimore where a wide array of the leaders in the healthcare technology space assembled to collaborate with healthcare technology managers on what is next for Telemedicine.

Reportedly, one of the hot topics this year was the application of Telemedicine as a vehicle for not only patient care, but for wellness and preventative medicine. While preventative medicine has been a hot topic in the healthcare industry for a long time, the application of telemedicine to help facilitate this has been less clear.

This year from the show our partners at Polycom shared some terrific applications for not only video conferencing, but for video content management as part of a telemedicine practice to drive initiatives in wellness and prevention.

In a recent post from the event, 3 Trends in Video-Based Medical Education – Polycom shares 3 specific applications that are leading the way for video content management adoption within the telemedicine ecosystem. These applications include Patient Education, Practitioner Education and Population Management.

Think about how valuable a library of informative and educational videos could be for doctors, nurses, patients, and loved ones dealing with a plethora of healthcare related topics?

For healthcare organizations interested in learning more about how video can be captured, organized and made available for your patients and staff, the team at Avidex is pleased to help. Get in touch to find out what is out there that can push your organization forward.

Bob Higginbotham

About Bob Higginbotham

Bob Higginbotham, CTS-I, CTS-D, is the Avidex National Manager of Healthcare AV. Bob has spent his 30 year career in leadership positions in the AV industry including extensive design and build work in healthcare facilities. He owned and operated a successful AV business in Texas with multiple offices in several cities where he managed a staff of over 100 employees. Bob has served as a technical consultant for a major AV manufacturer, led the technical sales team for a national video conferencing provider and provided technology auditing services for several private education facilities. He has a unique working knowledge of audiovisual technology as well as multiple certifications in audio engineering, acoustics, AV design, CQT system commissioning and video transmission systems. Bob holds a BA in communications and has recently served as board chair for a large private school. He brings his years of technical knowledge and leadership experience to Avidex where he leads the national healthcare AV team. Contact Bob at bobh@avidexav.com