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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

“For when my outward action doth demonstrate The native act and figure of my heart In compliment extern, ’tis not long after But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve”

-Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello

When Shakespeare first penned the words “I will wear my heart upon my sleeve” in 1604, he meant them in the way we are all familiar with today. That someone who wears their heart upon their sleeve is so open and transparent in their wants, desires, and thoughts and that it is easy to know these things just from looking at them and speaking with them. 58312743_sHowever, in a technological twist of fate, those words may be truer in a literal sense today than they ever have been before all due to a very interesting category of products: wearables.

When most people think of wearables, the most common example that comes to mind is most likely Fitbit. Considering that Fitbit has 19 million registered users and that there are 29 million registered Fitbit devices in over 50 countries that makes sense. Fitbit revolutionized personal fitness tracking, and in doing so, opened up the door for some amazing opportunities to increase the quality of care in telemedicine.

There is a consensus that telemedicine is more efficient than traditional office visits, saving wait and travel times, offering quicker access to healthcare professionals, and reducing costs of services. Given all this, why is there still some hesitation by some providers and patients to utilize telemedicine? One reason is that there is still a perceived advantage to being in the room with a physician. The physician can actually check vitals and get potentially important information on blood glucose levels, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, etc while there with the patient. However in today’s connected world, technology, especially in the form of wearable, embeddable, and even ingestible connected medical sensors, all of this data can be gathered instantly remotely as well, and presented to the physician in real time while they conduct the appointment through a high definition video feed.

If you missed our previous blog on the variety of sensors out there in the marketplace today for remote healthcare, you should take a look at it here just to catch up. Technology has moved at an amazing pace, and to come full circle, is bringing Shakespeare’s “heart on your sleeve” analogy to its technological manifestation.

There is a brand new category of wearable clothing being developed that integrates sensors right into clothing to track biometric data. Textile electronics are allowing computers to literally be woven into the clothes we wear, and yes, some of these sensors are even woven into the sleeve to track heart rates.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an organization known mostly in the past for internet standards and protocols, has taken an amazing role in these endeavors and “dedicated chips have been developed for health care monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.” The IEEE has even shifted its tagline to relate the greater role of the internet in our daily lives and continued health. They now summarize their mission as Advancing Technology for Humanity. Sounds like a common goal.

Given all this, technology is in place today to maximize the efficiency of providing remote services without compromising the quality of care. Wearables and other medical sensors, used in combination with telemedicine can assure that both patients and physicians are confident in the diagnoses being made and the treatments being provided because all of the important data needed to make good decisions is available to them…remotely.

Avidex AV is revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities and doctors are delivering care. Their 20 years of experience is being leveraged to drive down the cost of care while promoting positive healthcare outcomes. Is your organization looking for a new kind of technology partner? Connect with one of our Account Executives today to learn more.


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Bob Higginbotham

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Bob Higginbotham, CTS-I, CTS-D, is the Avidex National Manager of Healthcare AV. Bob has spent his 30 year career in leadership positions in the AV industry including extensive design and build work in healthcare facilities. He owned and operated a successful AV business in Texas with multiple offices in several cities where he managed a staff of over 100 employees. Bob has served as a technical consultant for a major AV manufacturer, led the technical sales team for a national video conferencing provider and provided technology auditing services for several private education facilities. He has a unique working knowledge of audiovisual technology as well as multiple certifications in audio engineering, acoustics, AV design, CQT system commissioning and video transmission systems. Bob holds a BA in communications and has recently served as board chair for a large private school. He brings his years of technical knowledge and leadership experience to Avidex where he leads the national healthcare AV team. Contact Bob at bobh@avidexav.com