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DIGITAL SIGNAGE AND EMERGENCY MESSAGING – Digital signage can communicate, educate, inform and entertain

Digital SignWhat’s the quickest, most effective way to get a message out to a large number of people in the same general area? Post a sign. A large, clear sign can be used to communicate anything from, “Caution: Wet Floor” to “Meeting Moved to Conference Hall B,” and much more. But what if you constantly have new information to provide to your employees, or to your patients? What if there are new bulletins every day that need to go out? Or some sort of emergency, for which you need to get the information out quickly? What if the sign you posted earlier has an error and needs to be changed in a hurry and everyone alerted to the change? What can you do? The solution is digital signage.

Communicating Digitally En Masse

Digital signage can be many things, but generally refers to a large display or series of displays that can present information, either text, images, or both, on a video screen. Whereas a fixed sign has only a limited amount of space for its message, a digital sign’s capacity is potentially limitless. It can scroll through a longer message if necessary and it can be interactive. It can be programmed to rotate through several different messages over a given period of time. And most importantly, it can be changed and updated quickly and frequently, to reflect the latest information or announcements, and keep everyone up to date.

Digital signage can be a very helpful tool in hospitals, medical office buildings and other healthcare facilities. A digital sign can be used to display patient names, to let them know that their prescription is ready to be picked up. It can inform patients of any special instructions or information to keep in mind during their visit. It can also be useful to employees, providing them with a continually updating list of patients who are currently waiting for care.

There are a variety of other fields wherein digital signage can be helpful. Whether you have regular announcements or a continual stream of information to communicate, a digital sign is the best way to keep everyone informed in a building, on a campus, or on multiple campuses.

Digital Signage Networking

Digital signage content can also be displayed across multiple locations. Since the signs are all connected to a network (which is how they’re updated), you can stream content from a single source to all of your signs in different buildings across town or across the country, so that everyone gets the message immediately. You can make generic announcements, personalize them for each location, or remotely send an individual message to a single sign.

Digital signage is a great way of providing more than just announcements and emergency information. If you have a captive audience, such as in a lobby, or a hospital waiting room, you can provide a variety of helpful content to keep people occupied and informed while they wait. You can provide a local news feed, traffic and weather updates, a map of the building to help them locate their next destination, or just a cycle of advertising or branded content, to keep your company on their minds.

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to communicate information publicly to employees, customers, patients, or casual bystanders. Whether it’s an emergency situation that requires an urgent alert, or simple background content to help pass the time, digital signage is the best, most efficient way to get the word out.

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