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Health Insurance Companies Turn To Telemedicine

When it comes to medical costs, there is no doubt that the patient is often facing the greatest burden. For many Americans, each trip to the doctor is well thought out knowing that there will be costs incurred, and those costs will vary based upon your insurance.

For insurance providers, they see the greatest benefit when medical expenses are kept low. Much like car, home or any insurance, the less they are used, the better the provider does. However, insurers in the healthcare world are getting more creative in finding ways to provide healthcare without incurring as much cost and in order to do this they are turning to telemedicine.

In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Technology article there was a look into how some healthcare providers are turning to telemedicine to connect patients and doctors while reducing cost. Offering turnkey telehealth right through their portals, a patient who is feeling ill can quickly connect to a medical professional, share symptoms, gather a diagnosis and even order a prescription from the comfort of their home.

For most simple convenient care and even some ER visits, this kind of technology can greatly reduce the burden for both the patient, insurer and healthcare provider all while making the delivery of healthcare more efficient and convenient. Sounds like a win-win.

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