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Enter The Operating Room Of The Future

operating room of the futureJust how much will technology invade the operating room of the future? In a world where robots are performing highly complicated surgical procedures; the answer is quite a bit.

How about beyond the operating table and into the surrounding environment? How much is technology going to impact the immediate surroundings of the patient? For a long time we have seen screens and monitoring devices, but will consumerization and high tech gadgets find their way into the ER?

According to this provocative piece in Fast Company – Inside The Operating Room Of The Future, Where Doctors Use Google Glass, the future of the Operating Room is here. In an exploration of Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center in California, the use of Telepresence, Interactive Digital Monitors and even Google Glass is already being put into production. Well, not quite production, but darn close.

At the featured facility Doctors are operating on “Humanoids” in these high tech environments where the focus is the most advanced technology and the perfection of the medical checklist with the expectation that interactive technology can reduce human error and improve doctor performance.

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Jim Colquhoun

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