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Telemedicine: Civil War

There is no question that in the modern world of medical marvels, doctors have achieved superhero status. Much like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark they are blessed with charm in their bedside manner and with superior intellect. Now combine these natural abilities with 21st century technology and you have a force to be reckoned with. Illness do your worst!

One area of medical technology that has helped doctors deliver care faster than a speeding locomotive is telemedicine. 33805115_sMany healthcare practices have been implementing telemedicine as a growing part of their practice, especially given advances that have been made through both legislation and insurance reform to crash through the traditional barriers that made providing care in this manner somewhat difficult in the past.

Now, the challenge can be just connecting patients who value remote care with practices that provide it. And that is where a new app from Astia Health comes into the picture. Their tagline is simply “Healthcare when you need it!”

Astia is a mobile application that provides patients with access to triage nurses and physicians for appointments concerning everything from anxiety to bronchitis to abdominal pain. Astia promises remote care virtually via telemedicine that is not only affordable and convenient but also HIPPA compliant as well to protect patients’ privacy.

Now before you start to think Astia Health is looking to put your practice out of business, they are not. They partner with existing clinicians to allow them an easy entry into the telemedicine market. It allows healthcare practices to get involved in telemedicine without dealing with the pitfalls platforms like Skype may present.

Of course there are still technology needs to be considered at the clinicians practice to make sure that care is delivered in the best way possible while protecting privacy and mitigating any liabilities, but choosing a great technology partner can alleviate those concerns as well.

Astia also takes things up a notch from traditional telemedicine, in that if the symptoms cannot be properly diagnosed and an appropriate treatment recommended virtually, they can dispatch a mobile diagnostic unit to the patient for treatment. Unlike an ambulance, it provides non emergent care to the patient, and it also starts at around $200! It’s not only a value added convenience for the patient, but it also helps alleviate the waiting rooms in Urgent Cares and ERs that are filled with patients with non-emergencies. It’s like a medical Batmobile to the rescue.

So unlike the superhero vs. superhero epics we see today in the theaters, there really is no need for a healthcare civil war between telemedicine application platforms like Astia Health and traditional healthcare practices. Instead, there is the perfect opportunity to form an alliance. Healthcare practices should be teaming up with tech savvy partners to make sure the proper technology is in place, and then leverage platforms like Astia to help connect patients to these newly added services. It’s a win win…for everyone.

Avidex AV is revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities and doctors are delivering care. Their 20 years of experience is being leveraged to drive down the cost of care while promoting positive healthcare outcomes. Is your organization looking for a new kind of technology partner? Connect with one of our Account Executives today to learn more.


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