The Rapid Growth In Virtual Doctor Visits

ipad with xraysWith a rapidly growing boomer population and an almost entirely overhauled healthcare system, the way healthcare is going to be delivered in the coming years is bound to change. It has to.

The new system is putting pressure on the system to find ways to cut costs while making care more accessible to the masses. This type of strain makes it very difficult for the healthcare system to do more, especially when in many cases, they are being asked to accomplish it with less.

What this means is that healthcare systems are going to have to turn their attention to cost control and improved services and once again what will come to the rescue? Technology!

According to a recent article in CIO – “Almost One in Six Doctor Visits Will be Virtual This Year “- it was determined that 1 in 6 doctors visits in 2014 will be done virtually. Doing so will save an estimated 5 billion dollars versus the cost of traditional in office patient visits.

eVisits can provide a range of services from capturing patient information to direct interaction via video conferencing including use of mobile devices like iPads and tablets. And according to Deloitte if eVisits could address even 30-40% of the market it could equate to 50-60 billion dollars in cost savings or containment.

This perfect storm of technology and cost savings are perhaps best said, just what the doctor ordered!

At Avidex we work to create solutions that take into considerations the most pressing needs of our healthcare clients. From telemedicine to training spaces, we apply the best of audio, video, and collaboration technologies that meet your most pressing business needs. Let’s connect to see how we can help your organization maximize its technology.

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