Federation of State Medical Boards Recognize Telemedicine As In-Person Consult

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For as long as high quality video conferencing has been available the healthcare industry has seen potential.

The discussions around telemedicine have long been met with a certain stagnation as the healthcare world, which is riddled with regulation has seen one challenge after another in gaining wide adoption of the invaluable capabilities that telemedicine can bring.

One of the long known challenges of adoption has been the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) who until April of 2014 did not recognize video consultations (Telemedicine) as equal to an in person consult. With this change of policy by the FSMB the doors have been opened up for telemedicine and what it can do to help connect doctors and patients more readily using telemedicine.

In an article featured on Forbes Vidyo Gets The Jump On Next Generation Telemedicine: But What About Cisco Systems And Polycom? by one notable healthcare technology analyst, he believes that this change will really open the flood gates for healthcare systems who have been considering adoption of expansion of healthcare based video consultations.

One of the other important ideas noticed in the article was the importance of a streamlined software that allows for easy implementation of telemedicine to standard mobile device operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Companies like Vidyo have shown leadership in this development, but Cisco and Polycom are also obvious contenders for taking a leadership role in this space.

What is becoming more and more apparent is that Telemedicine is finding its way into more and more healthcare systems. The ultimate technology winner is still to be determined and that is why at Avidex we partner with many of the leading telemedicine solution providers; so we can focus on the need of our partners and then deploy accordingly.

Is your organization adopting or exploring telemedicine? We’d love to help you in your journey from information gathering through deployment. Just let us know how we can help? Visit our website at www.avidexav.com.

To read the article provided by Forbes click here.


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