Are Doctors Too Connected To Their Technology?

Today technology has become an inseparable part of the healthcare industry, facilitating effective treatment, lowering medical costs, and bettering continuity of care. While doctors are leveraging technology to provide treatment and care, there may be concern that they are becoming too connected to technology. A current report on discussed a survey that revealed some shocking truths about how present-day medical practitioners are using technology and their attitudes toward it.
Recently a survey was conducted at the Integrative Health and Medicine conference on 754 medical practitioners, 78% of whom are physicians. According to the survey, over half of all healthcare practitioners surveyed confessed to feeling more attached to computers than their patients on “most days.” Moreover, 65% of medical practitioners have considered quitting medicine, as they no longer find it rewarding. While this second survey from the conference revealed some startling statistics, the first one had some equally eye-opening revelations:
According to the first survey, only 19% of healthcare providers using telemedicine are being reimbursed for it by insurance. In spite of such roadblocks, healthcare providers are continuing the use of telemedicine – 67% of respondents are either providing services using telemedicine now, or have plans to do it in the coming years.
Here are some more findings from the survey:
• More than half the time, 56% of respondents feel disappointed with their healthcare practice.
• 62% admit to having a patient overload.
• 5% feel exhausted for an average of fifteen or more days every month due to their work schedule.
• 31% feel burned out for more than half the time due to work.
• More than one third of respondents reported that they were not getting full reimbursement for over 40% of patient visits.
Despite the tech wave sweeping over the healthcare landscape, there is a disconnect existing in the system that is not only coming in the way of more fruitful tech adoption, but is also causing dissatisfaction among healthcare professionals.
The survey results certainly raise some serious concerns for the industry, and time will tell how well those concerns are met. Are you as surprised by the findings as we are?

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