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Avidex TelehealthFor many years, when meeting with senior executives of TeleHealth’s partners, they would often request an expansion of their industry- leading service to provide post install support for various AV systems in their hospitals. Although out of their scope of offerings at the time, this feedback led to the exploration of an exceptional AV integrator. The many synergies, expertise, and the needed focus for AV solutions in the healthcare market, provided the perfect springboard to merge the two providers.

In November of 2012, Avidex, one of the top AV design/build firms in the country, was acquired by Telerent Leasing Corporation as a strategic initiative in response to this market need. Telerent is the parent company of TeleHealth Services, a leading interactive patient care and television solution providers. This strategic partnership has better positioned both companies to serve the unique needs of the healthcare market. As discussed previously – Why Technical Expertise Matters –  when it comes to healthcare audiovisual and technology integration, it is best to utilize a firm that successfully leverages its technical expertise and experience within this specialized market.

Now as the CEO of Avidex, I am excited to meet with TeleHealth customers and describe how Avidex has the technical expertise and capability to bring relief to this area of need in their operations.

Avidex was incorporated in 2004, but has its roots going back to the early 1980’s. Since the beginning, and stated in the name (Audio Video Integration and Design Excellence) the company has been driven by the “service the customer first” philosophy. As an award winning team of AV industry veterans that has done thousands of systems for major global companies, it continues to implement a broad range of technologies that allow doctors, teachers, nurses, clinicians and administrators to communicate effectively. The focus on quality extends beyond product, to how it is used, total system reliability in critical environments and support throughout the system’s life-cycle.

Avidex’s deep healthcare experience at nationally recognized medical schools and leading health systems, combined with TeleHealth’s leadership in patient television solutions, positions us to offer a wide range of integrated solutions for hospitals, medical office buildings and teaching institutions including digital signage, sound masking, video conferencing, meeting/collaboration rooms, boardrooms and multi-use spaces that may also be used for emergency operation rooms.

TeleHealth Services was founded in 1957, and for the last 57 years has been the leading national technology company serving the healthcare industry with solutions ranging from full scale integrations to bedside television solutions and interactive patient education systems. Together, Avidex and TeleHealth will continue to develop solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly changing healthcare technology landscape.

Joel Harris

About Joel Harris

Joel Harris brings invaluable insight to the Avidex team in his role as CEO, with years of experience leading national technology, healthcare and business organizations. You can reach Joel at jharris@avidexav.com

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